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Aiding and Abetting Charges Will Point to You as an Accessory

We defend clients charged with weapon crimes in Cleveland, OH

While you have the right to bear arms, you must have a license to carry a firearm in Cleveland, OH. Some types of firearms even require special training. The consequences of not having a license and still using a firearm are severe; you could pay thousands of dollars or spend years in jail. Residents in Cleveland, OH turn to The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC when they've been accused of weapon crimes. We can defend you against any weapon-related charges, including illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

Don't put your future at risk. Talk to a criminal defense attorney about your weapon-related charges today.

No case is too complex for our legal team

It doesn't matter what weapon charge you're facing - our legal team is here to help. Some of the weapon crimes we've defended our clients against include:

  • Violating a concealed weapons license
  • Carrying a firearm in a prohibited area
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a license

Your criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly on your defense. Make an appointment with an attorney from our firm today.