Facing Burglary Charges in Cleveland, OH?

Facing Burglary Charges in Cleveland, OH?

Seek representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney

When your freedom is at risk as a result of burglary charges, you need to hire a defense counsel who will spare no effort to make your case for acquittal. The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC in Cleveland, OH can help. We'll start by exploring the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

It's important to understand the difference between the legal definitions of burglary and robbery. Burglary involves the unlawful entry into any structure with the intent to commit a crime, which may or may not be theft. The unlawful entry need not include breaking and entering, as it could be accomplished by entering through an open or unlocked door.

Robbery, on the other hand, involves the use of force or fear to obtain another person's property or possessions. It can occur anywhere, not just on private property.

Remember: you're presumed innocent and entitled to legal

In order to be convicted of burglary—or of any crime—the state must make the case that you committed the offense as defined by legal statute. At The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC, we will go over the evidence with a fine-toothed comb to bring into doubt issues surrounding:

  • The arrest procedure—did the arresting officer act properly when taking you into custody?
  • Witness testimony—did someone observe you in the commission of the crime, and are they trustworthy?
  • Mitigating factors—were there circumstances involved that compelled you to take actions against your better judgment?

Regardless of the circumstances, The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC will spare no effort to advocate on your behalf. Call our Cleveland, OH office today to speak with a capable criminal defense attorney.