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One Mistake Shouldn't Ruin Your Life

Our law firm can help first-time offenders in Cleveland, OH

You were convicted of one crime, and now your life has been turned upside down. Maybe it's difficult to find a job, or maybe you're having trouble getting into college. You may be able to get a second chance. In Cleveland, OH, first-time offenders can file for expungement with the help of an attorney. Reach out to The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC if you want to clear your record.

You'll sit down one-on-one with an expungement attorney who will determine if you're eligible for expungement. If you are, your attorney will walk you through the process of filing for expungement. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

3 things you should know about the expungement process

First-time offenders turn to The Hofelich Law Firm, LLC for assistance with the expungement process. Here are three things you should know about expungement:

  • An expungement will destroy all evidence of your conviction
  • It is possible to expunge multiple convictions
  • There are some convictions that cannot be expunged

Every expungement case is different, which is why you need an expungement attorney who can tailor legal advice to your exact situation. Schedule a consultation with an attorney from our law firm now.